Fino Edge Knife Sharpening System

Our premium knife sharpening system uses Knife Sharpening Stones Made of Monocrystalline Diamonds Harness the power of the hardest, natural substance on earth The Fino Edge Knife Sharpener brings back the sharpness and polish to knives that have been dulled and damaged by constant use, or misuse over time.

FINO EDGE FE-PSS01 Knife Sharpener


  • MONOCRYSTALLINE DIAMOND SHARPENING STONES: The 400-grit coarse yellow hone provides quick initial sharpening for dull and damaged knives. Use the 800-grit medium red hone for general sharpening
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE SELECTION: To achieve optimum results, use the markings on the adjustable guide rod post as a reference or the built-in angle finder on your smartphone to set the exact angle
  • SAFETY IN DESIGN AND IN USE: Our knife sharpener is equipped with a secure clamp that holds the knife safely in place at all times. A heavy duty, non-slip base plate with three rubber feet
  • PREMIUM SHARPENING SYSTEM FOR KITCHEN: Cut cooking preparation time in half with sharper blades on your kitchen knife, paring knife, carving knife, fillet knife, non-serrated steak knife
  • KNIFE SHARPENING KIT FOR SPORT AND THE OUTDOORS: Fino Edge delivers an ultra-sharp cutting edge for your pocket knife, butterfly knife, camping knife, hunting knife or diving knife every time.

All the features you’re looking for in an easy-to-use,
all-around Knife Sharpener

Safety in design

Our sharpening system is equipped with a safety clamp that holds the knife steady and securely – just flip the clamp over to sharpen the other side of the knife at the exact angle every time. A heavy duty, non-slip base plate with three rubber feet holds firmly to any countertop or flat surface ensuring that the knife sharpener remains in place to prevent injury or accidents while you’re working.

Simple to use

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in knife care, you’ll find it easy to assemble and use the Knife Sharpener with our illustrated, step-by-step manual. The three diamond hone blocks can be used dry or wet – with only water or any non-petroleum based lubricant or honing solution. Clean with soapy water and a soft brush, and dry thoroughly after each use.

Adjustable angle guide

Before sharpening, select the precise angle for both sides of your knife edge to get the best result. If your knife blade angle is 30º overall, you need to set a 15º angle on each side of the blade. Keep in mind that a smaller angle can produce a sharper edge, but it might be more prone to chipping. Use the markings on the adjustable guide rod as a reference or the built-in angle finder on a smartphone to set the exact angle.

Sharpening System Assembly

Sharpening System How To

Sharpening System Accessories

Super Fine Stone & Leather Strop Set

  • Super Fine Hone Block for the Fino Edge Precision Sharpening System Includes Leather Strop
  • (1) 1,750 Grit Diamond Hone Block – Green (Super Fine)
  • (1) Leather Finishing Strop
  • Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
  • Leather Strop Features 11 x 2 Inch Working Area with Suede and Smooth Sides for knife and razor sharpening. Nothing puts that final cutting edge on a blade better than a leather strop!

For use with the Fino Edge Precision Knife Sharpening System Item # FE-PSS01. Includes one super fine 1,750 grit monocrystalline diamond hone block. Also includes a leather finishing strop with a 11 x 2 inch working area with both suede and smooth sides for achieving a razor-sharp edge on all of your sharpening. The leather strop can be used with or without honing compounds to achieve the finest edge possible as your last sharpening step.

Replacement Stones

  • Replacement Hone Blocks for the Fino Edge Precision Sharpening System
  • (1) 400 Grit Diamond Hone Block – Yellow (Coarse)
  • (1) 800 Grit Diamond Hone Block – Orange (Fine)
  • (1) 1,400 Grit Diamond Hone Block – Black (Extra Fine)
  • Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stones

OEM Replacement Hone Blocks for use with the Fino Edge Precision Knife Sharpening System Item # FE-PSS01. Includes three hone blocks with multiple layers of monocrystalline diamonds, the size of a micron, bonded in nickel to a perfectly flat steel base plate.


Yes, replacement stones are available. Set of 3 stones for $24.99. You can contact us direct to purchase the stones.

A heavy duty steel, non-slip base plate with three rubber feet.

The sharpening hone blocks snap in place and are currently not compatible with other stones.

Blades up to 8” can be done in 1 pass. Blades over 8” need to be done in sections.  Please see the instructions for additional information.

8 Degrees, but may vary depending on the width of the blade being sharpened.

The diamond hone blocks snap in place and the system is not designed for use with aftermarket hone blocks.

The guide rod is mounted in a bearing system that prevents any changes in angle allowing precision sharpening at the same repeatable angle every time.

Parts are available for purchase directly from Fino Edge by emailing or calling 888-395-FINO (3466)

The diamond hone blocks can be used dry however we recommend using water or any non-petroleum based honing solution while sharpening. Never use a petroleum-based oil as a sharpening lubricant!

The best way to get the most accurate angle is to download an Angle App onto your smartphone.  If using an android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store and search for Angle Reader or Protractor App (download the one you prefer).  If you have an iPhone open the built in “Measure” application and tap the “Level” icon to use your phone as a protractor. 

Alternatively you can use a Magnetic Digital Angle Locator or even an analog Magnetic Angle Locator such as the ones sold by Johnson Level available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

The majority of kitchen knives are sharpened to a 17 to 20-degree angle. Many western knife angles fall into the 20-22 degree category. Asian knives sold in the U.S. usually have a more acute angle and both sides are sharpened to about 15 degrees.  Depending on the knife use a 15 – 22 degree angle.  It is always best to contact the manufacturer of your knife to find the best angle.