Fino Edge Retractable Diamond Knife Sharpener

For Serrated Blades, Straight Blades, Hooks, and Tools

Finding out your knife or tool needs to be sharpened usually happens in the worst places, far from home and far from your bench top sharpening kit. Instead of struggling with a dull blade and trying to remember to sharpen it later, you could pull out your portable, retractable sharpener and get the job done now. Keep one in the glove box, tool box, tackle box, or any other box you have to keep every cutting tools sharp and at its peak performance!

Fishing, camping, working, or responding to an emergency, you’ll have a razor-sharp blade, hook, or tool in seconds with the Fino Edge Retractable Diamond Knife Sharpener.

Works on Everything

The inner sharpening rod is not only adjustable in length, but is also reversible with a tapered end for serrated blades, a flat / half-round end for straight edges, and a sharpening groove for hooks.


The exterior pocket clip slips right onto your shirt or pants pocket so you can keep this essential, lightweight, and compact tool with you at all of your most rugged locations.

Serious Longevity

Multiple layers of 400 grit diamond on the sharpening rod provide long-lasting sharpening power with an aluminum housing that offers a comfortable grip and additional protection. The aluminum housing won’t rust!

Fast, reliable sharpening of any tool, anywhere.

Unbreakable Value

You need your tools to last, especially the portable ones that go with you to rugged locations. The Fino Edge Retractable Diamond Knife Sharpener is built to withstand frequent use and travel. The diamond-plated steel sharpening rod and its durable aluminum housing are unbreakable, meaning they’ll be there every time you need them.

Use it on everything.

If you’re going to buy a sharpener, buy one that works on everything you need to sharpen. The Retractable Diamond Knife Sharpener is a double-ended, reversible sharpening rod with a sharpening groove for your hooks and arrow heads. One end of the rod is specially designed for serrated edges and the other for straight edges. That means you can sharpen any blade or hook you might need with one versatile, portable tool.

Sharpening Rod

Designed for unexpected dull moments, the steel sharpening rod is retractable, reversible, adjustable, diamond-coated, and unbreakable.

Aluminum Housing

The Fino Edge Retractable Diamond Knife Sharpener’s durable aluminum housing stores the rod safely in your toolbox, belt, or pocket with a built-in pocket clip.

Sharpening Groove

Built right into the half-round end of the sharpening rod is a sharpening groove that makes it easy to make those old, dull hooks like new again.

Fino Edge

For the past 10 years, Fino Edge has been supplying enthusiast customers like you with premium sharpening and outdoor gear through private label brands and OEMs. Our mission is to make what you do easier, safer and more productive by providing quality products at affordable prices.

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