FE-PSS01- Sharpening System




  • MONOCRYSTALLINE DIAMOND SHARPENING STONES: The 400-grit coarse yellow hone provides quick initial sharpening for dull and damaged knives. Use the 800-grit medium red hone for general sharpening
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE SELECTION: To achieve optimum results, use the markings on the adjustable guide rod post as a reference or the built-in angle finder on your smartphone to set the exact angle
  • SAFETY IN DESIGN AND IN USE: Our knife sharpener is equipped with a secure clamp that holds the knife safely in place at all times. A heavy duty, non-slip base plate with three rubber feet
  • PREMIUM SHARPENING SYSTEM FOR KITCHEN: Cut cooking preparation time in half with sharper blades on your kitchen knife, paring knife, carving knife, fillet knife, non-serrated steak knife
  • KNIFE SHARPENING KIT FOR SPORT AND THE OUTDOORS: Fino Edge delivers an ultra-sharp cutting edge for your pocket knife, butterfly knife, camping knife, hunting knife or diving knife every time.