FE-PSSSFLS – Extra Fine Kit




  • Super Fine Hone Block for the Fino Edge Precision Sharpening System Includes Leather Strop
  • (1) 1,750 Grit Diamond Hone Block – Green (Super Fine)
  • (1) Leather Finishing Strop
  • Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
  • Leather Strop Features 11 x 2 Inch Working Area with Suede and Smooth Sides for knife and razor sharpening. Nothing puts that final cutting edge on a blade better than a leather strop!

For use with the Fino Edge Precision Knife Sharpening System Item # FE-PSS01. Includes one super fine 1,750 grit monocrystalline diamond hone block. Also includes a leather finishing strop with a 11 x 2 inch working area with both suede and smooth sides for achieving a razor-sharp edge on all of your sharpening. The leather strop can be used with or without honing compounds to achieve the finest edge possible as your last sharpening step.